Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation
Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation    

Restoration of a Victorian Cloth Binding

This is a very large cloth covered book. It consists of single sheets of Dore's famous etchings, glued to a cloth liner, no sewing of any kind.

Daniel in the lions den; one of Dore's famous Bible etchings very commonly found in the old Victorian family Bibles. these etchings are in very fine condition with no damage other than seperation from the spine.

The spine has become dettached but the boards are intact. Corners have become abraded.

The single sheet etchings have become completely loose in the middle part of the book. 

Close up of the loosened sheets showing the gelatine glue used.

Side view showing the part of the spine where the single sheets have become loose.

Corners have become abraded and the underlying board has become exposed. However the board corners are complete so no re-building will be required.

Corner has been repaired using sympathetic cloth material.

Single sheets have been put back into their original positions and re-glued using a modern flexible adhesive. New endbands have been placed on the head and tail. Finally an oxford hollow has been attached (blue paper).

The new book cloth has been dyed to a similiar colour as the original. After it is glued to the spine and tucked under the old sides. Then when set and dry the ends will be turned-in.

The old spine is re-attached and a bandage is tightly wrapped around to hold it in place whilst is dries
Bandage removed!
Matching cloth joint is used to repair end-paper joint