Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation
Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation    



For New or very good condition Bibles


Full Leather Limp cover in "Basic Design" + PP

(additional cost for leather liners/ends)

Size of Bible


Pocket Size

£70 + PP

Ordinary size 

£80 + PP

Large Print 

£95 + PP

All other Translations "Basic Design" price according to length of spine

Up to 110mm 

£95 + PP +(£25 Leather Inner Liners)

Up to 184mm 

£105 + PP +(£30 L.I.L.)
Up to 225mm  £115 + PP +(£35 L.I.L.)

Up to 250mm 

£125 +PP +(£40 L.I.L)
Larger sizes P.O.A.
The "Basic Design" price includes
  • A full goatskin limp leather cover
  • New leather-grain embossed black endpapers
  • New coloured endbands
  • As many ribbons as you can fit/require, 3mm or 7mm wide
  • Coloured endbands.
  • Titles in gold or silver embossing
  • Titles choice "Holy Bible" or "Holy Scriptures" on spine and/or front cover.
  • "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures"
  • Smooth or Ridges on spine
  • Name
  • Re-glueing of 1-5 pages
  • Repair of up to three leaves
  • For extra work see table below
Extra Lettering on the spine - £5.00 per panel
Blank 8 page section for notes £10
Re-sew 1-5 sections £15

Complete removal of old spine adhesive

and re-glue using sawn-in cords

Complete re-sewing of spine ( 30mm thickness) £40

Re-glue loose pages - over five leaves


Repair of more than three leaves £2 per sheet
Add Good Land Brochure ( NWT only) £10
Flap with press stud small/medium/large


Period Designs  £20
Edge decoration with coloured acrylic sprinkles £13
Hard-Board covers £8

Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples - gold Lines on spine

Other special designs - Price depends if we have a printing block in stock, if not then costs may be needed for artwork and printing block manufacture. P.O.A.
YAP EDGEs to your leather cover £40

Large Victorian Family Bible




Basic repairs using existing boards and spine. Includes repair of endpapers and first two leaves. Extra paper repairs added once seen. Hollow lined spine.

 Click here to see example


*Extra costs for:

removal & refitting of brass edgings.


Raised sewn in cords requiring tight back fitting of leather spine.


Rebuilding of eroded corners


New spine tooling with gold lines and gold title.















 £10 per corner




Small - Medium Leather Bible Restoration



Basic repairs using existing boards and spine.

Includes repair of endpapers and first two leaves. 

Extra costs as above*


£190 - 230


Small - Medium 

Victorian Publishers Cloth Restoration



Basic repairs of four corners and spine, using existing boards and spine. Extra for board edge repairs and any paper repairs.



Large Victorian Publishers Cloth Book Restoration



Basic repairs using existing boards and spine. Includes repair of endpapers and first two leaves. 

 Click here to see example


£60 - 80

Tyndale Facsimile Full Leather




Basic-Style click here to see

Additional costs for hand-made endpaper, marbled paper, gold leaf tooling for the spine and boards.






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NOTES for 20th & 21st century publishers Bibles


Modern Flat Spine Bibles - With use these flat spines become concave. If the spine is adhesive bound then we do not attempt to restore the original flatness, as this may cause major structural damage to the adhesive.


If the spine is sewn then we can restore more of the lost flatness. However in both cases with use, the spine will once again revert to it's concave shape.


Modern Round Spine Bibles - In both cases we can restore the majority of the round, especially with the sewn spine.


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