Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation
Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation    

Gallery of Basic or Design Covers & Sprinkled Edges

Ethan's Book of Bible Stories

Personalised "My Book of Bible Stories", in full leather (Royal Blue) with a hard-board cover.


Options available:

  • Basic limp or hard-board cover in colour leather of your choice.
  • "Name" in the font of your choice (Ethan is in "EarWig Factory"). 
  • Edges coloured in your choice, either single colour or sprinkles or both.
  • One or two index ribbons, colour of your choice or to match.
  • Coloured endpapers to match. 
  • Gold or silver lettering. 
  • Flap with press-stud




Basic leather hard-board cover: £90.00

Special Period Design: add £20.00

Flap: add £20.00


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Please choose any of the fonts/type-faces available on microsoft WORD. We will e-mail back with a template for your approval before going ahead.


Olivia's book of Bible Stories in our special lilac, hard cover, with dark lilac coloured edges and silver lettering

Olivia's book of Bible Stories in Special Lilac leather and black leather grain effect endpapers.


  • Examples of sprinkled edges chosen by our customers


  • Basic limp and other covers


  • Range of Special Designs embossed onto to the covers with a burnishing technique


Large Print N.W.T. hard board cover basic style Cost £95.00 plus £8.00 for hardboard covers, Total £103.00 & PP
Large Print hard board with Good Land attached Cost £95.00 plus £8.00 for hardboard cover and £10.00 for Good Land brochure, Total £113.00 & PP