Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation
Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation    

1980's N.I.V. Leather Cover Repair

The cover was in a sorry state, with the spine head and tail worn away, edges split and cracked, endpapers lifted from the cover and a few loose sheets. But this seemingly unremarkable Bible held cherished memories for our customer. It was given to them by their parents and it chronicled their spiritual life. The easy thing to do was to make a completely new leather limp cover but the connection with the owners memories would be loosend or perhaps even erased. So it was decide to make some intricate leather repairs and thus preserve those memories.

Leather cover removed from the text block.

Inside of leather cover exposing the inside of spine and turn-ins.

Repaired spine showing new leather pieces installed into the head and tail positions. Whilst every effort is made to match the old leather the most important quality is that the leather is flexible yet strong even after it has been pared down to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Side view of cover with split edges reinforced by lifting the turn-ins and then sliding thin folded strips of leather. This will hopefully ensure the splits do not get any bigger with continued use.

After repairs the cover remains flexible as a limp cover should be. The original endpapers were re-used as they were sound with no splits along the joint area. Additionally the original endbands were re-used. A new red ribbon was added to replace the scraggy old one.

Would You Like A Quotation?

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The following parts of the book are required:


Front and back cover.

The spine.

The endpapers.

Any loose parts of the text block.


Oh and don't forget the size of the volume, thanks.


If, after receiving your book and further closer inspection it appears we were wildly out with our quote and you do not want to proceed we will send it back at no cost to yourself. Contact us