Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation
Leather Bible Book Binding Repair Restoration Paper Conservation    


A New History of the Bible from the Begining of the World to the Establishment of Christianity by Thomas Stackhouse - 2nd edition


These period bindings are covered in calf using rope boards. The spine structure is known as a "tight-back" which means the leather is adhered directly to the spine with no paper linings. The sewing style is "raised-cords"


The existing leather spine had become totally fragile and could not be lifted and re-used. Therefore a rubbbing was taken of the remaining fragments so we could duplicate the period style. Using 23 karat gold leaf the spine was decorated with double gold lines either side of the raised bands (raised-cords) and three line panelled red labels for the title and volume number.


Repairs were undertaken to the edges and corners, with some corners rebuilt with off-cut frayed hemp cords. The original cords laced onto the rope boards were still in tact but some of the original endbands required new stitches and a missing endband was replaced using the period rolled paper technique.


The new leather used for the spine is archival calf. We used analine dyes to give a permanent and sympathtic colouring.